We build modern and energy-efficient houses from SIP panels

At Homes Eco, we build single-family houses, blocks of flats and commercial buildings based on structural insulation panels (SIP) technology. We owe the company's development to investing in modern technologies and solutions used in construction, which not only shorten and improve the quality of real estate but also make them energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive service so that they can realize their plans in the form of owning a home and enjoy it together with the next generations. At Homes Eco, we cooperate with reliable SIP panel manufacturers, suppliers, designers and builders for whom the provision of high quality services is a priority.

Our goal is to promote and develop energy-efficient construction in the UK and the European Union, environmentally friendly using SIPs.

By cooperating with us you gain:

We build ecological houses such as:

Eco house - House made of SIP panels

Do you want to build a house using SIP technology or are you concidering investing in your future by building an eco friendly money saving house?

Contact us, we will provide you with all the necessary information.

    Eco house - House made of SIP panels

    Already have house plans and want to build it using SIP technology? Contact us, we will prepare an attractive offer for you