Thexpan - Thermodynamic sandwich panel

Thexpan® is a thermodynamic sandwich panel from Solcraft, created for roofing energy-efficient buildings built on SIP panels and passive houses.

It is a solution that combines a sandwich panel with a heat exchanger, resulting in a modern construction and insulation material. Thexpan® sandwich panels are used in construction for several purposes.

Thermodynamic sandwich panels can be:


H-Block - Reinforced SIP panel

H-Block® is an insulating SIP construction board created by Solcraft. The board is made of polyurethane foam enclosed in a box structure and permanently connected to the OSB wood-based cladding.

The insulating structural panel is an ideal solution for energy-saving and environmentally friendly building materials of the highest quality. In addition, the boards are not harmful to health and do not contain any dangerous asbestos, glass or mineral fibers. The H-Block® insulation construction board is both a construction and a shielding material.

The reinforced SIP panel is suitable for the construction of:


Thermont - Roof sandwich panel

Thermont by Solcraft is a classic roof sandwich panel with an unusual variant of Thermontplus. Thermont is a board with a polyurethane core in a sheath of two sheets. Thermontplus, on the other hand, replaces the inner roof cover made of sheet metal with OSB.
Sandwich panels are used for roofs in both residential and industrial construction.

Thermont, in addition to all the features characterizing sandwich panels (i.e. finish, construction and insulation in one), also has a number of other advantages that other manufacturers do not offer.

Additional advantages include:


Frigothex - Refrigeration sandwich panel

Frigothex® is a solution, based on Solcraft's technical thought, for sandwich panels for use in cold and freezing chambers. Frigothex sandwich panel uses the idea of Thexpan sandwich panels, in which a heat exchanger is laid under the surface of the sheet metal cladding of the insulating core. Frigotex sandwich panel consists of two casing sheets, copper or other, heat exchanger tubes and polyurethane thermal insulation. Importantly, the pipes are laid directly under the sheet metal, thanks to which they receive or give off heat with the largest possible surface.

Using Frigothex® sandwich panels, it is possible to build low temperature storage chambers retaining:


Solverter - Roof powered heat pump

The idea of the Solverter® system is based on the use of the roof made in the Thexpan® slab as a source of thermal energy coming from the air and solar radiation. The roof as a heat absorber is Solcraft's proprietary solution.
Thexpan® sandwich panel is a highly energy-efficient roofing material. In addition, by combining the coil pipes and the outer sheet of the sandwich panel, it creates a heat exchanger that allows you to connect heat storage tanks and a heat pump based on a liquid, glycol medium circulating in the primary heat source circuit.

The Solverter® system can provide free energy for DHW (domestic hot water) and central heating on all sunny days, without the need for a heat pump.

The Solverter® heating system is characterized by the following properties:


Custom products - premium

Individual approach to the customer and the implementation of even the most demanding orders is the domain of Bhs Eco Homes and Solcraft.
We try to meet the requirements of our customers by offering economic, practical and ecological solutions. We create solutions tailored to a given area.

By implementing plans related to energy-efficient and ecological construction, the Customer may receive, among others:

Eco house - House made of SIP panels

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