Energy-saving modular houses

Prefabricated Homes with SIP Panels

Welcome to the "Realisations" subsection - a space where we want to share inspiring projects that Eco Homes had the pleasure of bringing to life. Our priority is to create modern, energy-efficient homes using advanced technologies and materials to meet the expectations of our clients and contribute to the protection of our planet.

On this page, we will showcase projects implemented by us, featuring homes built using innovative SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panels). This solution perfectly combines energy efficiency, durability, and eco-friendliness, allowing the creation of a comfortable and environmentally friendly living space.

We would like to demonstrate the diversity of our projects, both in terms of style and applied technical solutions. Our portfolio includes single-family homes, multi-family residential buildings, and commercial properties. However, what unites all our projects is a commitment to energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and the comfort of the residents.

Feel free to explore our achievements and draw inspiration from our successes in the construction of energy-efficient homes with SIP panels.

Construction of a house in Wales

Construction of a house in Warsaw

Construction of a house in Germany

Eco house - House made of SIP panels

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