What is recuperation?

Recuperation It is mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Traditional gravity ventilation is based on draught, i.e. air intake produced by chimneys. However, it has many drawbacks. The most important disadvantages are cooling the house and not removing moisture from the rooms. Recuperation, which is mechanical ventilation, is based on the movement of air produced by the machine, i.e. on a device called a recuperator.

Thanks to its operation, the recuperator allows you to control the movement of air supplied and removed from the rooms and recover heat from already heated,‘’dirty’’ (moist and saturated with carbon dioxide) air.

To put it simply, recuperation is a system aimed at replacing used, dirty air in a building with clean, fresh air, while recovering part of the already accumulated heat.

The main advantage of recuperation is therefore that it allows you to heat the fresh air supplied to the house and purify this air from pollutants and allergens. Recuperation is an advantage over traditional airing of rooms by opening windows.

At BHS Eco Homes, we will design ventilation systems based on the design of your home. The design of the system made before its construction will reduce the costs associated with the subsequent installation of recuperation. Ventilation with heat recovery will provide fresh air for you and your family.

Benefits of having recuperation:

- energy saving

- filtering air from pollen (a significant advantage for allergy sufferers)

- removal of pollutants from the outside (smoke from chimneys, car exhaust)

- no noise resulting from an open window

- control of the amount of supply and exhaust air

- quick ventilation of rooms in the house

- quick removal of moisture from the house

- clean air


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