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Developer stage

Every person buying a house or apartment on the primary market has had contact with this terminology. The developer state is the choice of a large number of people buying an apartment or house. In the West, for comparison, the standard is usually a turnkey house. People choosing the developer stage are usually guided by the price, which is much lower than in the case of a turnkey house. Another reason why the developer stage is so popular is the desire to creatively finish an apartment or house according to your own taste.

What is developer stage?

There is no clear definition specifying this term. However, it is assumed that this is a determination of the stage of finishing of the house, which is received by the buyer. Elements of finishing the house in the developer's condition depend on the provisions of the contract that the customer signs with the developer.

In the developer's condition, the house should contain such elements as:
- be insulated
- have connected utilities, i.e. plumbing, heating and electricity installations
- plasterred walls and floor screeds
- installed exterior doors
- installed window sills
- mounted radiators

The developer condition of the house made by BHS Eco Homes allows you to immediately start work related to its finishing.

The exterior finish of the developer state includes:
- roof soffit with roof insulation
- embedding drain pipes
- facade insulation

The BHS Eco Homes offer also includes an increased developer stage (with finishing elements) or extended finishing packages tailored to the individual needs of customers.

To meet the expectations of our customers and constantly developing technology, we try to use the best solutions on the market.


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