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How is a home photovoltaic installation built?

Photovoltaics consists of photovoltaic modules, i.e. panels, and an inverter. The photovoltaic module is made of series-connected, protected and placed in a housing photovoltaic cells produced from mono or polycrystalline silicon, which thanks to the photoelectric effect converts the energy of solar radiation into electricity in the form of direct current. Thanks to the work of the inverter, direct current is converted into alternating current such as it is in power sockets. In this way, the electricity produced can be used on an ongoing basis and settled with the electricity seller in the discount system or simply stored.

Photovoltaic installation - How much energy does it produce?

The amount of energy produced by a photovoltaic installation depends on its size.

It is assumed that the volume of energy production from a photovoltaic installation is influenced by, among others, such factors as:

- location of the installation

- photovoltaic system generator size

The energy demand will be determined by:

- electricity consumption in a given household per year

- heating demand of a residential building

- demand for domestic hot water, which is influenced by the number of inhabitants in a given farm

- general energy use by residents (heating time or peak loads)

- electricity consumption by a heat pump with underfloor heating installation

What does the installation of photovoltaic panels look like?

At BHS Eco Homes, we provide professional photovoltaic installation, which takes place in accordance with the applicable technical requirements, connection criteria and required technical documentation.


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