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Structural Closed-Stage

Building a house is a complex process that consists of many elements. First of all, appropriate permits are required for such construction. If all formalities are met, we can only enter the construction site and start work.

One of the elements of building a house is structural closed-stage. This is the next stage of construction, immediately following the structural open-stage. At this stage, the building already has a complete load-bearing structure, roof, windows and doors. It can be concluded that it is already properly protected against external factors (for example, rain or snowfall).

What is the Structural Closed-Stage?

The structural closed-stage belongs to the stages of building formation. Each construction is divided into several stages. This stage includes such elements as:

- installation of windows

- installation of external doors

- installation of roofing material

- installation of gutters

- flashings within the roof

- placing partition walls inside the building

At BHS Eco Homes, we thoroughly discuss with the customer the scope of work classified as a closed shell, taking into account his needs and requirements. 

Structural Closed-Stage – what costs?

The cost of building a house in the structural closed-stage depends on many factors, which is why it is valued individually. The cost of a house is dictated by the size of the house or the type of materials used. The use of materials with the highest quality parameters so that the building is characterized by a high level of functionality, durability or safety will certainly translate into the final price. At BHS Eco Homes, we avoid building houses at so-called low cost, using the lowest quality materials, which in the future are associated with defects and additional costs for their owners.



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